A good leader builds consensus with individuals or groups to achieve common goals, has the ability to convince people to follow the vision and manages diverse opinions in a way that achieves the goal at hand. Cheryl Cook-Kallio has provided strong, pro-active leadership to benefit Pleasanton residents in the critical areas of transportation, housing, fiscal health and business.


Cheryl Cook-Kallio is the only Mayoral candidate who supports Measure B1, which is essential to every council priority dealing with transportation.

The Stoneridge Drive extension was finally approved expressly due to Cheryl’s leadership. This will result in better traffic circulation. The approval resulted in the annexation of Staples Ranch to Pleasanton providing for more revenue generating opportunities as well as the traffic connections that will ease traffic congestion.

Next Steps
The lesson learned is that we must plan and build infrastructure now and not delay the difficult decisions to future councils. It is less expensive and better city planning to anticipate the needs of Pleasanton.  Critical attention must be paid to the connection of El Charro from I580 to Stanley Blvd while developing the Pleasanton Eastside Specific Plan.

State Route 84 is the traffic solution for the Tri-valley. Completing the extension will reduce traffic in downtown Pleasanton and help the traffic flow for commuters who live and work in our city. With the passage of Measure B1 the County Board of Supervisors will move State Route 84 to the top of the list. Cheryl is the only Mayoral candidate who voted yes, and actively seeks to build the relationships necessary for Pleasanton to achieve our priorities.

As Mayor, Cheryl will ensure that we don’t delay infrastructure decisions to subsequent councils.  This takes concerted effort and strong interpersonal relationships with our surrounding communities, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, State Senators and Assemblymembers. The most important element of successful leadership is personal relationships that result in trust and respect. Cheryl is the Mayoral Candidate who has that type of relationship with elected officials who make the decisions that affect our city.


Cheryl Cook-Kallio is a strong advocate of a balanced housing stock to meet diverse needs of the working families in Pleasanton. She has a unique understanding of the housing impact on our schools and how the city can help the school district with decisions 

Cheryl has served as Co-Chair of the Hacienda Transit Oriented Development Task Force that created Design Guidelines for the Hacienda properties resulting in project approval. She also served as Co-Chair of the Housing Element Update and advocated for Pleasanton’s State Certified Housing Element. Pleasanton is on the cusp of getting that certification, the first since approximately 2001. The benefits of a State Certified Housing Element will lead to better fiscal health for the city. Nine sites were just rezoned for increased density and approved Design Guidelines, a direct result of the work done on the Hacienda and Housing Element Task Forces.

Next Steps
In less than 18 months our city will have a Pleasanton Eastside Specific Plan. In addition nine sites have been zoned for increased density to comply with our RHNA numbers. 

As Mayor, Cheryl will lead the community in the public process that will determine what is built on these nine sites, as well as make sure those sites and the Pleasanton East Side Specific Plan are consistent with the quality of development with which we have become accustomed.

Fiscal Health of Pleasanton

As Mayor, Cheryl will be a careful steward of our tax dollars to ensure quality services and  the most value for what we spend.

Cheryl has advocated for department consolidation and staff reduction achieved through attrition that accounted for a saving of $6.1 million per year since early 2008. Managers led the way by making increased pension contributions prior to asking the city employees to do the same. All three bargaining units participated in concession bargaining consistent with the cost saving measures implemented by the city.  Cheryl has relationships with bargaining unit members that have allowed her to have those tough conversations that resulted in significant savings for the city and for you, the taxpayers.

Next Steps
A State Certified Housing Element is critical to encouraging business and jobs in Pleasanton. One advantage of a state certified housing element is the opportunities that Hacienda Business Park could access through grant money enabling them to revise their PUD, making the business park more attractive to businesses looking to relocate.

Business is crucial to retaining the quality of life in Pleasanton. We need to recruit small business and make it easier to live work and shop in Pleasanton. Critical to our fiscal health is the recruitment of corporate businesses. This is how the city pays its bills.

As Mayor, Cheryl will change the tone for business operations in town.  As the leader of the city it is essential to make that initial contact and then constant follow up to ensure businesses know that we are interested and will help to make it happen. She will make sure that the business community knows that it is an integral part of why Pleasanton is a great place to live.