City Councilmember Cheryl Cook-Kallio is running for Mayor because she wants to bring effective and accessible leadership to Pleasanton. We need a Mayor with vision, one who understands how to build relationships throughout our region that earn results for Pleasanton. Cheryl is an accomplished leader and tireless advocate for all Pleasanton residents. She understands the needs of our city and has earned a reputation as a hard-working consensus builder working tirelessly to shape Pleasanton's future.

Public Safety
cheryl cook-kallio with firefighters public safetyOn the City Council funding public safety to ensure our community remains safe is Cheryl’s top priority. All across the state cities have been forced to make cuts to their police and fire departments due to the downturn in the economy—fortunately Pleasanton has not been faced with these difficult decisions because we have set priorities and planned well.  Our public safety personnel have been cooperative in understanding the constraints of our current economy. Cheryl is the voice of reason in helping balance the needs of the community and the realities of our economy. Cheryl was instrumental in creating inter-operability capabilities, allowing Pleasanton’s public safety personnel to communicate with safety personal from neighboring city’s and other critical public safety organizations in preparation for a major disaster.

Cheryl Cook Kallio is the leader in ensuring that Stoneridge Drive is completed. As Mayor, Cheryl will work with our surrounding city and county officials to make the completion of State Route 84 a reality. It is imperative that El Charro Road be connected between I580 and Stanley Blvd and becomes a critical part of the East Pleasanton Specific Plan. Th EPSP task force is slated to complete its work within the next two years. Policies to improve the traffic flow within Pleasanton need to be constantly updated as the regional traffic plan is completed.

Cheryl wants Pleasanton residents to be able to live and work in Pleasanton. As a Councilmember and co-chair of the Hacienda Task Force, she worked to create more transit oriented affordable housing so our children can raise their families in Pleasanton. As Mayor she will ensure that the areas of our city currently zoned for housing are well planned and designed to fit Pleasanton. She wants viable housing options so Pleasanton’s police officers, firefighters and teachers to be able to live in the community in which they serve and

Our senior citizens should be able to remain close to their families. That is why as your Councilmember, Cheryl has closely monitored the developments regarding Pleasanton Gardens and Kottinger Place senior apartments. The need for senior housing is only going to grow. Cheryl is committed to ensuring that senior services are available and readily accessible to those in need and that housing opportunities for seniors exist, ensuring that families may remain close.

Cheryl is committed to the development of the Parkview Assisted Living Facility adjacent to the senior center and the redevelopment of Kottinger Place senior apartments.  

Cheryl believes in an energetic, transparent and accessible city government. As a councilmember and as your Mayor, Cheryl will continue to be available and committed to open, transparent government. It is critical that Pleasanton’s residents are connected to their government and this requires critical discussion and interaction.

As a public school teacher for more than 35 years Councilmember Cook-Kallio understands the impact our schools have on our community. As a member of the joint Liaison Committee, she works closely with the school district to find ways the city and the school district can work together to strengthen the quality of public education in Pleasanton.  Working together to locate property for the tenth elementary school is a priority for both agencies.

Cheryl Cook-Kallio will provide the proactive effective leadership to keep us in compliance with state law and consistent with the values Pleasanton holds dear. Since the loss of housing cap it is essential. As Mayor, Cheryl will accomplish this with the utmost care including stakeholder meetings and community input. She will ensure infrastructure and funding are in place before housing is introduced. She will fight to include the connection of El Charro between I580 and Stanley Blvd within the East Pleasanton Specific Plan.

Local Business
As Mayor, Cheryl will continue to meet with existing business on a regular basis and to work with neighboring communities on the creation of a regional business attraction plan. An economic stimulus program for downtown was approved and annual forums have been held to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Pleasanton. Cheryl wants people to be able to live, work and shop in Pleasanton.

Cheryl believes in an environmentally friendly Pleasanton. As Councilmember she has protected parkland by establishing the Bernal Community Park, Marilyn Kane Trail, Alviso Adobe Community Park and extended the Iron Horse Trail.  The next step is to acquire funding for Bernal Park Phase II to help connect trails and further enhance our community. A committee on Energy and the Environment and codified green building standards, implemented a curbside recycling program, and expanded the ease and collection of e-waste. Pleasanton participates in the Solar Cities Program to increase the use of solar energy throughout the city as well as begun to hybridize city vehicles.

Cheryl works to build community in Pleasanton. The Council completed the design and construction of the Veterans Memorial Building. The Firehouse Arts Center opened in 2010 and renovations have begun on the Pleasanton Memorial Cemetery in order to preserve Pleasanton's heritage.

Pleasanton’s Youth
As a parent and teacher, Cheryl is dedicated to the youth of Pleasanton. The city has completed an updated Youth Master Plan to address the changing needs of our young people. As your Councilmember, Cheryl has maintained a commitment to youth outreach and educational programs including Every 15 Minutes, Teen Police Academy, Explorers, Junior Firefighters and Youth in Government Day programs. Cheryl is dedicated to the revitalization of facilities such as the improvements slated to be made to the Donlon School playfields, Pleasanton Middle School tennis courts, and BMX facilities.  As Mayor, Cheryl is committed to finding the funding to complete Bernal Park Phase II.