Democratic Party
The Independent
The Pleasanton Weekly
Alameda County Labor Council
Pleasanton Police Officers Association
Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Fighters-Local 1974
AFSCME Council 57
Deputy Sheriffs' Association of Alameda County
Asian Pacific American Caucus
Electrical Workers Local 595
Alameda County Building Trades
Operating Engineers
California Apartment Association
Teamsters Joint Council 7
Southern Alameda County Young Democrats

Elected, Formerly Elected, or Appointed Officials

Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Schools
Ellen Corbett, Senate Majority Leader
Mark DeSaulnier, State Senator
Joan Buchanan, Assemblymember
Bob Wieckowski, Assemblymember
Susan Bonilla, Assemblymember
Scott Haggerty, Alameda County Supervisor
Nate Miley, Alameda County Supervisor
Richard Valle, Alameda County Supervisor
Eileen McDonald, Alameda County Board of Education Trustee
Tim Sbranti, Mayor of Dublin
Gus Morrison, Mayor of Fremont
Mark Green, Mayor of Union City
Anu Natarajan, Vice Mayor of Fremont
Suzanne Chan, Councilmember Fremont
Ana Apodaca, Councilmember Newark
Diana Souza, Councilmember San Leandro
Don Biddle, Councilmember Dublin
Kevin Hart, Councilmember Dublin
Francisco Zermeño, Councilmember Hayward
Carol Dutra-Vernaci, Mayor-elect of Union City
Ann Crosbie, Ohlone College Board
John McPartland, BART Board President
Teresa Cox, Ohlone College Board
Greg Bonaccorsi, Ohlone College Board
Jeff Bowser, Pleasanton School Board Trustee
Lara York, Fremont School Board Trustee
Pat Danielson, Washington Hospital Board
Angela Ramirez Holmes, Zone 7 Water Board
Moina Shaiq, Alameda County Human Relations Commission
David Nagler, Pleasanton Humans Relations Commission
Justin Probert, Pleasanton Housing Commission
Joe Butler, Pleasanton Housing Commission
Delaine Eastin, Former State Superintendent of School
Alberto Torrico, Former Assembly Majority Leader
John Dutra, Former Assemblymember
Johan Klehs, Former Assemblymember
Alice Lai-Bitker, Former Alameda County Supervisor
Ken Mercer, Former Mayor of Pleasanton
Tom Pico, Former Mayor of Pleasanton
Becky Dennis, Former Councilmember Pleasanton
Karin Mohr, Former Councilmember Pleasanton
Marshall Kamena, Former Mayor of Livermore
Janet Lockhart, Fromer Mayor of Dublin
Linda Jeffery Sailors, Former Mayor of Dublin
Peggy Herndon, Former Fremont School Board Trustee
Pat Kohnen, Former Dublin School Board Trustee
Ro Khanna, Former Deputy Asst. Secretary US Depart of Commerce


John Kallio
Lauren Kallio
Robert Shepard
Heather Shepard
John Garman
Heidi Garman
Nathan Kallio
Dave Cook
Pamela Cook-Spitaleri
Rick Spitaleri


Dr. Basil Besh
Amirra Besh
Dr. Norm Wat
Kathy Wat
Carroll Jacoby
Zaheer Siddiqui
Susan Piekarski
John Piekarski
Sharon Piekarski
Scott Walsh
Karen Haley Allen
Dolores Bengston
Sarah Smoot
Alina Ostrovsky
Sarah Silva
Joan Tenbrink
Stacey Borsody
Frank Doljack
Sharon Doljack
Delaney Condy-Turner
Lisa Fickas
Nancy Gilvin
Andria Danko
David Smario
Julie Smario
Melanie Yee-Deaver
Bryan Deaver
Debbie Ayres
Robin Boyce
Ryan Richards
Sigrie Potter
Holly Stimmerman
John Loundagin
Lisa Loundagin
Mark Lewis
Mary Anne Lewis
Brian Bourg
Christine Bourg
Dave Howell
Steve Brosamer
Sylvia Brosamer
Dave Bratton-Kearns
Donna Bratton-Kearns
Mike Moran
Nora Perez
Fred Perez
Leslie Braga
John J. Dutra
Jim McKeehan
Bob Reguilon
Stan and Renee
Bob Olson
Shannon Durbala
Tom Richert
Jamie Hyams
Carla Butler
Angie Summers
Bernie Berke
Samira Agawal
Tracy Ireland
Stuart Mensinger
Lee McWilliams
Sara Nealy
Joan Brown
Christine Sibley
Beth Trittipo
Kerri Loh
Dr. Dale Jeong
Pat Jeong
Al Auer
Barbara Auer
Les Mensinger
Barbara Hempill
Prof. Emma Kiziah Humphries
Debbie Donald
Paul Uster
Brian Ladd
Joe Johal
Alda Nash
Kevin McPhearson
Chris Gray
George Perry
Mitzi Parr
Erich Pfuehler
Barabara Kamena
Gary Winter
Susan Yager
M.J. Casper
Tom Casper
Wes Felton
Jean Felton
Peter McGrogan
Ward Belding
Pat Belding
Dennis Hilke
Debbie Look
Tony Dutra
Evelyn Williams
Julie Antonelli
Lara McHugh
Kevn McHugh
Stephen Ng
Fred Martin
Jackie Martin
Shabnam Malti
Maren Hall
Anthony Barrios
Jocelyn Combs
Ginny Martini
Mohammed Hanif
Bonnie Kirchbaum
Fred Kirchbaum
Dr. Dharam Salwan
Tabussum Munif
Debbie Smith
Henry Routh
Heather Brillhart
Marilnella Sene
Pat Fullmer
Paul Martens
Karen DeBaca Martens
Jeanne Buffi
Mark Buffi
Ellen Holt
Shankar Kumar Phd
Chrissy Gray
Dan Stevens
Margrit Stevens
Asif Mohammed
Rubina Naseem
Bev Louie
Chris Louie
Arnold Avalos
Mercedes Badger
Sean Manalo
Ashwin Aravind
Lorri Eddings
Syed Raham
Sharon Morris
Mohammed Ali
Nicollette Kapellas-Hoppe
Tim Henshaw
Sharon Henshaw
L. Zuniga
Jeff Pohl
Teri Pohl
Amir Mustafa
Dan Darga
Chris Olson
Jenn Olson
Ashad Mirza
Pat Reardon
Frank Fuentes
Corky Fuentes
Forrest Sass
Maria Montes
Syed M. Rahman
Ramsey Ismail
Joan C. Williams
Betty Stallings
Ann Pons
Jeff Colvin
Mary Frances Colvin
Saki Khan
Rafia Khan
Roland Stenrud
Mary C. Warren
Douglas Winter
Karen Toms
John Toms
Aejaz Sareshwala
Tony Medeiros
Karen Samman
Amer Samman
April Maguidad
Jose Maguidad
Cindy Crawford
Linda Garbarino
George Garbarino
Mary Jo Carreon
Christina Craft
Tony Slimick
Tina Marie Perry
Dr. Mary Zimmerman
Justin Brown
Amanda Brown
Ling Yang
Minki Yu
David Parsons
Amy Lofland
Diane Ravnik
George Reid
Susan Reid
Kaaren Northup
Iffat Khan
Calvin Andre
Bill Radulovich
Becky Radulovich
Debbie Pearson
Javed Parvaneh
Nels Larsen
Jeremy Detamore
Gislam Janjua
Nicole Larsen
Saeed Khan
Ishtiaque Mohammad
Cindy Wilts
Suchi Rallapalli
Breanne McCallum
Garrett Holmes
Maliha Qadir
Mac Qadir
Ingaborg McCarty
Michelle Tomin


* partial list

"I've seen Cheryl's outstanding work on the city council and as a government teacher. She has provided great opportunities for young people to engage early in government and public policy. Cheryl has proven to have the vision, leadership skills, and ability to bring diverse groups of people together in teams to work for the common good and improve our community. These are among the reasons I encourage you to vote for Cheryl Cook-Kallio for Mayor."

-State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson


"I support Cheryl Cook-Kallio for Mayor of Pleasanton because she has worked tirelessly to protect local businesses and the environment. Pleasanton needs a Mayor who will support our entrepreneurs and our families. Cheryl Cook-Kallio is that kind of leader. "

- Ellen Corbett, Senate Majority Leader


"I've had the opportunity to work with Cheryl on issues affecting our region. She’s a proven leader and has worked hard to form partnerships with neighboring communities. She understands the essential role that regional collaboration plays in preserving our quality neighborhoods and in promoting a thriving local economy. Her work and ability to see the big picture not only benefits Pleasanton but the greater Tri-Valley area."

-Senator Mark DeSaulnier


"I have known Cheryl for many years. She understands the complexities of managing a city budget and the issues surrounding pension reform. She is smart, listens, works well with people and businesses, and is a proven problem solver."

-Assemblymember Joan Buchanan


"Cheryl Cook-Kallio has shown courage and leadership since the day she was elected to the Pleasanton City Council. As Mayor she will continue that tradition. Cheryl was the driving force behind the approval of the connection of Stoneridge Drive and is the only Mayoral candidate in Pleasanton who voted to support placing the County Board of Supervisors' Transportation Expenditure Plan on the ballot. Cheryl understands that plan provides the critical funding needed to complete State Route 84 and ease our traffic problems, right here in Pleasanton."

- Supervisor Scott Haggerty


"Cheryl has a dynamic vision to help Pleasanton become an engine for innovation and economic growth. She understands we need incentives to promote business, how to streamline regulation, and how to improve Pleasanton's infrastructure. Under her leadership, Pleasanton can become a model for California in attracting business and creating jobs."

-Ro Khanna, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary US Department of Commerce


"As a City Councilmember, Cheryl has fought for public park access to Pleasanton's southeast hills, drafted plans to eliminate traffic congestion, and developed sensible measures to assure our city's long-term fiscal stability and economic prosperity. About to retire after many years as an award-winning high school teacher, Cheryl appreciates the priority our community places on quality schools, and she understands the value of city-school district cooperation to support education excellence for Pleasanton's children and families.

"Cheryl welcomes input from all Pleasanton residents with varying viewpoints, and always responds to calls and emails. When it comes to controversy, she strives to build community consensus rather than taking sides. She has the experience, temperament, and passion to lead our very active, civic-minded community. Vote Cheryl Cook-Kallio for Mayor of Pleasanton. "

-Becky Dennis
Pleasanton Councilmember 1993-2002


The NUMBER one reason in my book to vote Cheryl Cook-Kallio for Mayor is that she is the consummate leader - thoughtful, empowering, smart, compassionate and open minded - there are probably other great adjectives ...those are my favorite, Cheryl has compassion and brains and takes the time to carefully consider all sides to an issue. That is rare, my friend. We need Cheryl Cook-Kallio as our next Mayor.

Karen Haley Allen


"Cheryl Cook-Kallio is a force of nature. Fortunately for Pleasanton, Cheryl’s dynamism is guided by an internal compass that reflects the best of human values. We heartily endorse her candidacy for Mayor of Pleasanton - an endorsement based on decades of knowing Cheryl in a wide range of roles."

-Bill & Becky Radulovich


"I'm supporting Cheryl Cook-Kallio for Mayor. Cheryl is an outstanding communicator, accomplished at careful listening as well as effectively, honestly and clearly providing answers to questions. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding government processes, is a team player, understands the need to work with others in the region to accomplish common goals, and represents all interests in Pleasanton. Cheryl will be a fine Mayor bringing together the diverse opinions of her fellow Councilmembers to accomplish goals assuring Pleasanton maintains its excellent quality of life."

-Dolores Bengston